It may not be the wedding attire accessory you want, but it’s one that you’ll need for your big day—a face mask. Whether you’re a fan of wearing a mask or not, it’s an accessory that will probably be around for a while, especially for large gatherings.

The good news is that there are many options to choose from! You’re sure to find something that fits you and your spouse’s style.

So, what type of masks should you consider for your wedding day? You’ll need to think about what you and your groom will wear, along with your wedding party and if you’ll provide masks for your guests. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you want something reusable or something to throw away at the end of the night?
  • Do you want something customized or generic?
  • Do you want to match your theme or color scheme?
  • Do you want the masks to be the same design or different depending on the person wearing them? (Example: one design for bridesmaids, another design for groomsmen)

Talk these options over with your future spouse and decide what’s best for you! There’s no wrong answer, it just depends on what you want for your wedding day.

Masks for Your Guests

The first thing you’ll want to determine is how much you want to spend on masks and if you want to provide them for your guests. If you decide to buy basic disposable masks, you can purchase them in bulk from a major retailer like Walmart or Costco.

If you want something a little more personalized like a specific color or your wedding details stamped on the masks, online stores like Amazon or Etsy are your best bet. Not sure how many to order? A good rule of thumb is to take your final guest count (the number of RSVP’s you received) and order 10-15 additional masks.

Check out these different options:

Quarantined for life throwaway masks

Courtesy: goodhousekeeping.com

Looking for bulk disposable masks? Then look no further! Etsy has a ton of cool customizable options that your guests will love. You can choose your message plus one of over a dozen colors to match your color scheme. Get a pack of 50 for just $138!

Custom wedding guest masks

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

If you’re wanting an option that doubles as a wedding favor, go for these personalized face masks. Every time your guests wear their mask, they’ll remember how much fun they had at your wedding! Of course, you will pay a little more since it’s a reusable mask ($6 each to be exact). Check them out on Etsy.

Old Navy triple-layer cloth mask set

Courtesy: theknot.com

Colorful wedding scheme? These masks come in a 5-pack at Old Navy! You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck at $13 per set. Plus, you can choose from ten different color sets to choose from.

On your wedding day, display the masks on your gift or guest book table with a cute sign to encourage guests to mask up! Some of our favorite sayings we’ve seen recently are “Spread love, not germs!” and “A mask for the day to keep the germs away!”Groomsmen wearing matching masks

Courtesy: completewedo.com

Masks for Your Wedding Party

Once you’ve found the right masks for your guests, determine what you want your wedding party to wear. You can have fun with these masks and even use them as part of their thank-you gift for being in your wedding!

Need some inspiration? Find masks that match your color scheme or theme. Are your bridesmaids wearing pink? Find a matching pink mask to go with it! Having a garden wedding? Buy floral-print masks. You could also mix and match colors, patterns and fabric. The options are endless! Here are some of our favorite picks:

David's Bridal satin mask

Courtesy: theknot.com

David’s Bridal is one of many bridal retailers that have stepped into the mask game. If your bridesmaids are wearing a DB gown, you can buy a satin mask to match! There are 13 different colors to choose from and are super affordable at $10 each.

Blooming floral face mask

Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

A flirty and floral face mask? Yes, please! We love the vintage feel of these masks and think they’re a perfect option for your bridal party—especially if you’re getting married outside. These lace and muslin masks, made in Thailand, are just $15 on Etsy!

Matching wedding party masks

Courtesy: theknot.com

These masks are super cute! Everyone in your bridal party will love wearing these cotton jersey cloth face masks with a dreamy leaf print. Plus, they’re just $8 each. (Etsy for the win, again!)

5-pack grey cotton masks

Courtesy: theknot.com

Need something a little more manly? The Tie Bar is killing it with a wide variety of men’s face mask sets. We especially love this 5-pack collection of cotton charcoal masks. It’s perfect for the groom who likes to mix different patterns and colors to show off each groomsmen’s personality. Grab this set for just $30!

Plaid face mask

Courtesy: brides.com

If your groom wants everyone to match, check out the awesome face mask options from Madewell! These cotton masks come in four patterns and are eco-conscious. Each mask is made from leftover fabric scraps. We love that this mask can be dressed up or down, plus a 3-pack for $4.99 is hard to beat.

"Groom's crew" face masks

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

Remember those black and white bridal party masks we looked at earlier? There’s a similar style available on Etsy for groomsmen! We love the little bow tie accent at the bottom. These masks are just under $7 each.

Crystal mask for brides

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

Masks for The Bride

Now it’s time to talk about the bride-to-be! Brides will want to find a mask that’s not too form-fitting. For one, you don’t want your makeup to rub off and you want to make sure you can breathe throughout the day. As mentioned before, many dress designers have recently created bridal masks that match their gowns. These masks typically feature lace or intricate beading, so ask the retailer if they have something that would match your dress. Here’s some of our fave styles!

Pearl bridal face mask

Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

We may not be able to see your pearly whites, so choose a mask with embellished pearls instead! This limited-edition matte satin face mask is sold exclusively at FashionRooftop. For $35, you have a choice between a white or ivory mask that would be a super chic option for saying “I do!”

Blue floral bridal mask

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

Need your something blue? This satin bouquet face mask would be a divine choice for your wedding day, and it’s only $15! Bonus: David’s Bridal sells the matching robe as well. Love it!


Romantic lace bridal mask

Courtesy: theknot.com

Hello, romantic lace. This ivory mask features hand-stitched appliques and is made in the U.S. The soft, extra-stretchy ear loops are super comfortable, making it easy to wear all day long. Score one on Etsy for $20!

Fringe face mask

Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

This next mask is fringe-tastic! We’re getting serious bohemian vibes from this $20 Orville Peck face mask—available at Dolly’s. You can customize the fringe length plus choose from dozens of colors. There’s even a faux leather option! (Which is super cool.)

See also

Embellished bridal face mask

Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

If your gown features lots of beading, this gorgeous bridal mask is a must-have! The “Cosette” comes in off-white or nude and boasts a stunning leaf motif and metallic sequins. This stunning mask has been featured in multiple publications and retails for only $32 on Etsy, plus free shipping!

Cotton mask for a groom

Courtesy: maskforit.com

Masks for The Groom

Don’t forget about the groom! Besides finding a mask made of breathable fabric, look for something that fits his personality. Whether he’s a sharp-dressed man or a loveable goofball, you’re sure to find something he’ll love.

Tuxedo groom mask

Courtesy: zazzle.com

Is your groom wearing a tuxedo for the big day? We think this face mask will suit him nicely! For just $13 on Zazzle, this is a winning look for a groom-to-be.

Buffalo Check face mask

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

This next option is perfect for the more outdoorsy groom or if you’re having a fall or winter wedding. The buffalo check pattern is super popular, plus he’ll find cozy comfort in this stretchy face mask. It’s only $14 on the Wedding Wire Shop!

Dapper men's face mask

Courtesy: brides.com

Is your groom a dapper dan? This navy-blue couture face mask is super suave and classy. Be prepared, you will have to pay a pretty penny for the “Mr. Classic”. It retails for $65 on Maison De Carine.

Matching bride and groom masks

Courtesy: mahoningmatters.com

Masks for The Bride & Groom

Can you say a match made in heaven? These matching bride and groom masks are perfect for saying “I do!” Go ahead and splurge a little on these, they’ll be featured in plenty of wedding photos and can be used on your honeymoon too. Take a look at some of our fave his & her wedding masks.

Bride and groom coordinating masks

Courtesy: theknot.com

This first bride and groom set is a classy choice. The bridal mask features lace and pearl embroidery and would be the perfect accessory to any wedding dress. You can also choose to get both masks in the same color, if you prefer! Snag this set on Etsy for $36.

Black "groom" mask White "bride" mask

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

Your wedding day is the last day to use the phrase “bride and groom” before you become “husband and wife”. So, enjoy the label one last time with these cool face masks! Sold separately, each mask is $14 on the Wedding Wire Shop.

Mr and Mrs masks

Courtesy: weddingwire.com

Can’t wait to officially be Mr. and Mrs.? Get these awesome and super-fun face masks. We love the little designs at the bottom, plus the established date at the bottom. These masks, sold separately, are $15 each on Etsy!



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