“Wow, what were we thinking deciding to say ‘I Do’ this year?” – said every couple who optimistically saved date in the new millennium well before the world took a turn for the worse. They say that hindsight is 20/20, and given the circumstances of this global pandemic, it seems like 2020 really wasn’t a great year to bet on anything – weddings? Forget it! While we’d love to cling to wishful thinking that we’re on the back half of this outbreak, it’s just a little too risky for us, especially when gung ho guests, a healthy and happy couple, and a safe and secure soiree are high key points to the whole thing.

So, if you planned a fall or winter wedding, then stick it out a bit more before you make a grand plan; anyone with days on deck for the summer, you should probably make the call to postpone or keep your guest list lean and mean with only your closest loved ones.

Granted, changing the date is more involved than simply sending out a card, but we’ve covered the majority of the CTD communication process already, so, for today, we thought it’d be helpful to share some inspiration for your inscriptions. Whether you want to be formal or funny, poetic or to-the-point, you can bring a lot of personality to your postponement announcement while still acknowledging the gravity of the COVID situation.

As much as we hate that so many brides and grooms are un-saving their dates at this time, we hope that anyone who has to make the heartbreaking decision to forfeit their first-choice can change the date with confidence, courage, and composure. We are so excited to have a brand new shop full of customizable

Style Me Pretty-exclusive saves the date cards that can be overhauled as creative change the date announcements. Our collection certainly has the pretty down pat, with photo and nonphoto options, gorgeous fonts, and to die for flourishes, but the beauty also comes from the freedom couples have to make the already-stunning designs their own.