You have an adorable kids’ bed, practical bookshelf, and a kid-friendly storage solution for clothing, but your child’s room is still missing something…a kids’ rug!

A rug is a wonderful way to tie a room together and create a cozy atmosphere. Not to mention it adds a comfortable space to play, read a book, or just roll around. 

A rug in a child’s bedroom gets a surprising amount of use. It is a great idea to pick one that is durable, comfortable, and convenient to wash. Choose the right rug and it can even transition with your child through their many room decor phases as they grow.

We have found some stylish picks to suit your preferences, whether it be soft and cozy or durable and easy to care for. Plus, we’ve included a handy buyer’s guide for choosing a rug where we will lay it all out. 

Our Favorite Kids Rugs

1. Jungle Safari Washable Rug

by Ruggable

Jungle Safari Rug

Your children will want to stomp and romp with the adorable jungle animals on this rug. Its muted colors aren’t too bright that they will clash with other decor. Their trendy artistic appearance has a very modern look. But what we really love is Ruggables’ signature washability; just throw it in your washing machine and it’s good to go! 

2. Alphabet Rug

by Pottery Barn Kids

Alphabet Rug

This round rug is appealing, unique, and would make an awesome statement piece. A bold black and white pattern, it is sure to flatter any space. The ABC design works well for children of any age, from infant to elementary school. But honestly, we wouldn’t even bat an eye if we saw this in an adult’s study, its appearance is so stylish! Made of tufted cotton it is both soft and durable. 

3. Map Rug

by Crate & Barrel

Map Rug

Calling all little explorers! This rug will let your child travel the world and learn a little bit about the earth in the process. Its neutral design and soft gray palette are a breeze to coordinate with your other furniture and decor. Wool and cotton construction make this rug both cozy and long-lasting. 

4. Diamond Trellis Rug

by RugsUSA

Diamond Trellis Rug

This rug looks very elegant, but don’t let that dissuade you from using it as nursery decor. It is so soft and comfortable underfoot. Its stylish neutral background crisscrossed with dotted trellis is eye-catching but also unobtrusive. This rug is quite hardy, which is great news because it has a design that can transition effortlessly from one childhood stage to the next. 

5. Hop Scotch Rug

by Mohawk Home

Hop Scotch Rug

My girls have this rug and they absolutely adore it! What is better than having a fun hopscotch game in your room? The motif even is made to look like chalk on black pavement, and I love the cute, casual vibes. The low-pile height is effortless to clean and won’t snag or fray. This rug is excellent for spending a rainy day indoors. 

6. Colorful Hand Prints Rug


Hand Prints Rug

This attractive multi-color rug just screams fun and laughter. Brilliantly colored handprints cover the rug from edge to edge. The playful, inviting rainbow of handprint hues allows it to work with almost any existing color scheme. Woven from 100 percent polypropylene it is wear and stain-resistant, which is a must for a kids’ room. 

7. Solar System Rug

by Mohawk Home

Aurora Solar System Kids Playroom Educational Area Rug, 5'x8', Black

Your little one can take off, exploring the cosmos with this enchanting solar system rug. Its retro style is so appealing and the bold colors against a black background really pop. It is imaginative but also a bit educational – a win-win in our book! Stain-resistant nylon is simple to clean and will hold up to all of your child’s adventures. 

8. Solid Color Rug

by Zipcode Design

Solid Colors Rug

Sometimes simple is best, like these solid color rugs by Zipcode Design. You have your choice of twenty different colors so there is bound to be one that fits your room’s theme. The rug is temptingly soft and very plush, perfect for floor play. Made from polypropylene, it will last from tummy time to the teenage years. 

9. Blue Whale Rug

by World Market

Blue Whale Rug

This delightful rug features a darling whale and some seagull friends in a cute abstract design. The striking hues will charm your child but aren’t so crazy that they will clash with other decor. It is handcrafted of 100 percent wool, meaning it will last and last. The yellow fringe is a fun addition. Overall, this is an adorable focal point to add to your kids’ space. 

10. Rainbow Tufted Rug

by Pillowfort

Rainbow Tufted Rug

Rainbows are definitely “in”, but their bright colors can make it difficult to coordinate other room components. This ombre Rainbow Tufted rug is beautifully muted. Your child can still get their rainbow-wish while you have a rug that will match their decor and transition with it as they grow. It’s tufted and has a pile of medium height, making it pleasantly cushy. Additions like a latex back to keep it from slipping and machine washability are parent-approved.   

11. Fox Rug

by 2Modern

Fox Rug

This modern rug is fantastic! Classic stripes are the perfect background for a huge friendly fox. His orange coloring shows up brilliantly against the black and white horizontal lines. It is eye-catching for sure and would make a wonderful focal point for a child’s room. Made of 100 percent wool, it is both cozy and durable. Your child will get a kick out of this wonderful woodland rug. 

12. Black & White Dotted Rug

by Bed Bath & Beyond

black and white dotted rug

You can never go wrong with dots. They are attractive, timeless, and really easy to match with existing furniture and decor. These oversized spots are easy on the eyes and keep the wool rug from appearing too busy.

Available in black and white, ivory and black, or grey and white you can choose the style that best suits your taste. We love that this rug comes in many sizes and shapes including rectangular, circular, and a runner. This sophisticated rug will be one that your child can use year after year.

How Do I Choose a Rug for My Kids’ Room?

When it comes to choosing a rug for your kiddo’s room, think long-term. Rugs can be expensive and they’re not something you want to replace regularly. Consider its durability, ease of care, and how well the style will be able to match your growing child’s changing tastes. 

What fiber/material of rug is best for a kids’ room?

Kids are messy. From sudden stomach illnesses to squished granola bars, a kids’ rug will definitely see some things. Therefore, cleanability is key. 

Washable rugs are fantastic! You can simply throw them in your washing machine instead of having to steam clean them or send them out. Rugs that take preventative measures, like stain resistance, are also great. 

Durability is another factor you want to consider when it comes to material. The durability of a kids’ rug mainly comes down to materials.

There are a few common fiber options to choose from.

Wool. Wool is very high quality. It is extremely durable while also being super soft. Easy to care for it, a wool rug is a great choice for high-traffic areas. However, wool is usually handwoven and can be pricier than other materials. 

Cotton. Cotton is relatively easy to clean and comes in many designs and bright colors. It has a nice, relatively soft texture and is hypoallergenic. Cotton rugs are an excellent budget-friendly option, but they do tend to show wear and tear quickly and will not last as long as a wool rug. 

Polypropylene. A synthetic fiber, polypropylene is affordable and durable. Rugs made of this fiber are wear and stain-resistant and easy to clean. Most feel as soft as wool or cotton but tend to be thinner. 

Polyester or Microfiber. Polyester or polyester blend rugs are also constructed of synthetic fibers and are often budget-friendly. Their tiny strands make them very plush and soft. They may look and feel like wool but they aren’t as durable. Additionally, they may require more cleaning as their smooth strands don’t hold debris, making them look dirtier quicker. 

We suggest aiming for the perfect balance between softness and durability within your price range. 

What size rug is best in a kids’ room?

The size of rug you need for your child’s room depends on how much space you want to cover. If you have a large area you can usually opt for a bigger rug, but there is nothing wrong with having the edges of the rug under furniture. 

Generally, you don’t want a small rug. The primary purpose of rugs for kids’ rooms is to give them a cozy spot to play on the ground. Make sure your rug is large enough for your little one to spread out their toys and enjoy. 

What style of rug is best for a kids’ room?

I think picking out rugs is really a lot of fun. There are so many different styles, colors, and patterns! You can choose a style that matches your existing room decor or one that complements it as an accent piece. 

You probably don’t want to choose anything too wild or it may not transition as well when your room changes decor. However, don’t go too far in the opposite direction by choosing a bland, boring rug. It is for a kids’ room, after all! 

Of course, if you find a bright, zany rug you just can’t live without, it can always become a playroom rug! Problem solved.

Ready For a Rug? 

Hopefully, we have instilled a little bit of confidence in you when it comes to choosing the right kids’ rug! Any of these stylish picks would make an awesome addition to your child’s room. A soft and durable rug can become the setting for battles against dragons, space exploration, and even a princess tea party. The right kids’ rug will quickly become the coziest spot in the room and last your little one their entire childhood. 


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