A bride and groom holding a sign that says "Just Married."

Starting your life together as newlyweds is an exciting time. Whether you’re moving into a new house or adding to your existing home together, there are probably a lot of items you have on your wish list as you move forward as a married couple. One way to start crossing those items off your list and adding them to your home is to take advantage of the great deals on Amazon Prime Day. Amazon boasts no shortage of home-related deals and more during this shopping bonanza. Here’s some things to keep your eye on for this year’s Prime Day.

Kitchen Deals

When you first get married, it seems like there’s a never-ending list of things you need for your kitchen. While these purchases can certainly add up, it’s nice to find a way to save without sacrificing on quality. Amazon Prime Day has lots of kitchen deals that are sure to save you a buck.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines deserve a section all of their own, right? They’re typically the first thing we use in the morning to supply energy for busy days. Prime Day allows us to pull out all the stops when it comes to a delicious cup of java, skirting high prices for something more reasonable. First, it’s hard to remember life before single-serve coffee makers came onto the scene. Prime Day allows you to score a straightforward Keurig machine at a great price. If you prefer espresso, buy a Nespresso machine at an amazing price. Prime Day deals feature run-of-the-mill coffee makers, too, and even pour-over coffee carafes if that’s more your thing.


A young newlywed couple cooking together in their kitchen.

Quality cookware is a kitchen must-have, but it can definitely be pricey. Thanks to Prime Day, you can purchase amazing cookware at a steal. For instance, this Calaphon set allows you to cook like a chef at a stellar price. Le Creuset never disappoints when it comes to cookware, especially when it comes at a highly coveted reduced price. Another popular small appliance that you can get at a great price on Prime Day is a Soda Stream, making it simple to make everyday drinks something special. These are just some of the small appliances that come at a bargain on this day of deals.

Small Appliances

It seems like there’s always a hot new appliance on the market that we have to have. Thanks to Prime Day, you won’t need to pick and choose which small appliances grace your home with their presence. Prime Day presents the perfect chance to invest in a nice blender that can make more than just smoothies. Vitamix blenders can create shakes and even soups due to their stellar technology. Another small appliance that tops many couple’s must-have list is air fryers. These can do so much and have become all the rage in recent months.

Cleaning Deals

A newlywed couple cleaning their home together.

Keeping your home clean has never been easier, thanks to Prime Day deals. To start, there’s nothing like a quality vacuum to ensure that your house remains clean as a whistle, and Prime Day offers a fabulous and splurge-worthy Dyson vacuum at a great discount. Next, ensure your outdoor grill is sparkling clean with the right tools. Finally, keep your home organized with drawer dividers and containers for pennies, making your space tidier than ever.

Electronics Deals

With smart homes knowing no bounds these days, your home will likely be filled with a wealth of appliances. Thankfully, there are many deals to be had in this department on Amazon Prime Day. If you have a furry friend, a wireless pet camera could make life much easier whenever you’re out of the house. Speaking of cameras, investing in a nice camera to capture all of your new memories as a married couple can be easily done, thanks to Prime Day. Notable brands like Nikon and Canon offer great prices for the occasion. Finally, up the entertainment factor in your home with a smart tv at a steal.

There are so many deals to be had to fill your home with everything you need for a fun, clean, and well-organized life as a newly married couple!


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