A bridal party celebrating on a rooftop with champagne.

Your wedding party is an important (and fun!) part of your big day. Its members not only act as your biggest support system while sorting out some of the pesky details of your big day, but they’re also your biggest cheerleaders. So when it comes to writing their wedding party bios, you definitely owe them a little more than a one-sentence intro.

So, what’s a wedding party bio anyway and why do you need one? As you’re prepping the details for your wedding day website, it might be a good idea to include the biographies of those who are standing up with you and showing up for your matrimonial union. After all, these are the people who will be front and center on your big day, so writing a bio for each wedding party member could be helpful for other guests. Plus, it’s a great way to show your gratitude for your attendants while also providing some fun and insightful stories that explain why you and your partner chose them to be part of your special day.

Not sure where to start? No sweat. Read below for some simple and helpful tips for writing your wedding party bios.

1. Start with How and Where You Met

Probably the most interesting and fun part of a wedding party bio is learning how everyone met! Your history and background with one another adds so much texture and context to your connection. This is also a good place to mention your connection or relationship, i.e., if they’re related to you or a college friend. It might be obvious in the “how” and “where” part, but sometimes people need a little clarification. Feel free to make it lighthearted and/or interesting. For example, “John and I met when I was two after he came home from the hospital. I never wanted a brother, but there he was!”

2. Make it a Little Personal

A bride laughing with her maid of honor.

While you definitely don’t want to share overly embarrassing or personal details about your wedding party, you don’t have to shy away from cracking a joke or sharing a funny story about the members of your wedding party. You could add a fun fact or two about your maid of honor—for example, like how she only eats blue M&Ms and names her cats after Grey’s Anatomy characters. Or, you could include what you most admire about your attendant, like how your best man is always on time for everything despite you always being late for everything— which is why he’s the best man and will get you to the church on time!

3. Keep the Bios the Same Length and Tone

Fair is fair. If you’re going to write two paragraphs about one bridesmaid, then you should write the same length for everyone else. While it’s doubtful people will actually count every word, you definitely don’t want to risk hurting people’s feelings by favoring one person or the other. To that point, you want to keep your tone fairly consistent for each bio. If you’re going to go all cheesy or lovey-dovey for one attendant, breaking out the funny jokes for another might not go over well. You not only risk hurt feelings, but keeping your tone consistent is also helpful for readers.

4. Have Each Wedding Party Member Review Their Bio

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Not only will they be able to add or subtract anything that they do or don’t like, but having your attendants read their bios will help check for accuracy. (Hey, not everyone will remember the exact time or date when you met your college roommate, AKA maid of honor.) Plus, being open regarding what you’re writing about someone is always a good thing, so make sure they know you’re writing a bio about them before you start. Nobody likes surprises!

By keeping these simple tips in mind, writing your wedding party bios will be a breeze and, just like your wedding day, it’s something that you’ll be able to enjoy creating together.


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