22. Better Together – Jack Johnson

This song about getting through all things, good and bad, as a couple is a great option for your wedding march. It’s well-paced and will keep the ceremony upbeat and joyful.

23. You Are the Best Thing – Ray LaMontagne

Well-paced and upbeat, You Are the Best Thing celebrates the joy of being with the one you love and how many good things being with them adds to your life. It’s a fantastic way to start your life with someone.

24. Wedding Song (There Is Love) – Noel Paul Stookey

This is another song where the title says it all. Quoting a few verses from the Bible, there is a beautiful spirituality in this song celebrating the joy of marriage and being with the one you love eternally.

25. A Love That Will Never Grow Old – Emmylou Harris

This beautiful ballad is a bit slower paced, but the lyrics will bring smiles to your wedding guests’ faces — and tears to their eyes.

Jazz it up!

The beats and tempo in jazz music will start your wedding right and keep the ceremony moving. Jazz music features steady beats and rhythms and is characterized by improvisation. For those couples who want to buck tradition, there are some great options this genre has to offer.

26. Unforgettable – Nat King Cole

An iconic jazz classic, Unforgettable is just that. The sweet, slow music sets a perfect pace for your wedding processional, and adds the perfect touch of class.

27. At Last – Etta James

Another iconic jazz love song, At Last is slow-paced and beautiful, bringing to mind the joy of love found and held. It’s a perfect wedding song, and if you are interested in bucking tradition, this should absolutely be a consideration.

28. You and I – Michael Bublé

This slow-paced song is great for a wedding processional, with lovely background piano music and string instrument undertones. Celebrating lifelong love, this song is perfect for your ceremony.

29. Your Love Is King – Sade

A staple in jazz music, Sade’s Your Love Is King is a great option for walking down the aisle. The steady pace, calm beats, and lyrics celebrating your partner, will make it a truly memorable walk.

30. All the Way – Frank Sinatra

This iconic love song from Ol’ Blue Eyes is a sure thing for your wedding processional. The melodic music, Sinatra’s deep voice, and lyrics celebrating the beauty in romance makes this song a wonderful option for your big day.

31. Our Love Is Here to Stay – Natalie Cole

This classic jazz song is all about lifelong love, which makes it perfect to walk down the aisle to. Take the first four lines, for example, which read: “It’s very clear, our love is here to stay, not for a year, but ever and a day.”

Buck tradition and use one of these unique songs to walk down the aisle to!

Of course, there are two sides to every coin, and there are some songs that, while popular, are not the best fit for a wedding. Make sure that when you choose your song, you avoid break-up songs, songs about heartbreak, or songs that take a more dour view of marriage. Keep it light and happy.

Wedding processionals are personal to every couple, and the song you choose for yours — be it traditional or non-traditional — will be perfect. Whatever song you choose, you will end up in the same place; next to your partner ready to take your vows. So don’t be nervous! It’s your big day, so be sure to smile, stand up straight, and make that walk confidently. Remember, everyone is there to celebrate your marriage and the joy it will bring you.

Up next, check out our list of the most fun wedding songs for 2020.


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