This Harry Potter wedding invitation design is from Greenvelope

I’m working on the wedding invitations for my 2022 wedding, and all informal wedding invitation wording examples I’m finding online feel like they’re from the before-times. I don’t need to talk about the pandemic specifically on my invitations, but it feels weird not to acknowledge that weddings are different now than they used to be. I’m having a casual microwedding in my backyard, and I know I’m not the only one who’s struggling with informal, casual, but also celebratory wedding invitation wording. Help??

Dear 2022 SoonlyWeds,

We hear you. You’re definitely not the only ones struggling with wedding invitation wording in this “new normal.”

From cancellations and postponements to masked gatherings and large-weddings-turned-elopements, COVID-19 has impacted weddings in a huge way in 2020 and beyond. And let’s not kid ourselves: even with sweeping vaccination efforts, it isn’t like everything has suddenly turned rosy and completely gone back to normal.

But one thing we recommend considering for your wedding invitation wording, and for any other couple wrestling with the same dilemma, is first asking yourself the following questions:

  • Has COVID-19 impacted the way we want to celebrate?
  • Or, will COVID-19 impact how we’re going to celebrate?
  • And if so, is it beneficial to communicate that impact to our guests?
This informal wedding invitation design is from Greenvelope

Put differently: the casual microwedding you’re having in your backyard—was that always the plan? Or is that in direct response to COVID-19 restrictions?

If it’s in direct response to restrictions, and you’ve been steered toward something away from Plan A—and guests who would’ve been invited cannot be any longer—then addressing COVID-19 on your wedding invitation is highly suggested.

But, if, say, the current plan is absolutely Plan A, and COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations aren’t impacting the way you’ll be celebrating, we recommend ditching the responsibility of addressing the pandemic on a general level. Wedding planning is stressful enough without putting that on your shoulders.

WE DO! invitations from Greenvelope

One way to address COVID-19’s impact while not taking up valuable invitation real estate is to include an insert or, if you’re sending digital invitations, include a brief write-up on the Details Page, or as a follow-up message. Giving it that space means that your wedding invitation can stay focused on you, your partner, and the details of your big day.

Celstial wedding invitation design by Greenvelope

All of that said, if COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions do impact your wedding, or you’d just generally want to acknowledge COVID-19, we recommend keeping it short and sweet. Make sure crucial details like mask or vaccination requirements are said plainly and directly; you do not want any confusion.

But also, if you’re comfortable doing so, there may be some room to incorporate a little humor or whimsy as well. We’ve included some wording examples below, but as with most wedding-related recommendations, feel free to use this as inspiration and adjust to be true to you and your situation.

It’s happening FINALLY informal wedding invitation wording from Greenvelope

Informal wedding invitation wording example 1:

Third time’s a charm!
Please join us for the wedding of Rochell + Derrick
4.25.22 at 5pm
The Samuels Residence
Celebration to follow

Third Time’s A Charm! informal wedding invitations from Greenvelope

Informal wedding invitation wording example 2:

Sarah Curry and Mark Patterson are getting married (for real this time)
Saturday, May 10th, 2022 | 5pm
The Davidson Household

Can we count you in?

Please note, vaccinations will be required for all attendees over the age of 16. Please let us know if this raises any issues or concerns for you.

FREAKIN’ FINALLY invitations from Greenvelope


Informal wedding invitation wording example 3:

Emma and Jackson are so in love
Please join us for an intimate celebration in honor of their union
9.24.2022 at 5pm
The Oluo Household
Phoenix, Arizona

Backside, Insert, or Details Page:
Although our original wedding plans may have changed, we are so excited to celebrate with our loved ones! Please fill out the included survey as you RSVP to let us know of any specific concerns you may have so we can keep that in mind as we plan our celebration. We are so thankful to have you all in our lives, and can’t wait to clink and cheers in the coming year!


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