21. Historic Rosemont

Location: Berryville, Virginia

Bed and breakfasts are perfect for post-wedding brunches. Not only are they cozy, they’re also extremely convenient. After-brunch wedding venues like the Historic Rosemont also offer luxury amenities such as valet parking, 60 acres of breathtaking outdoor space, and fireplaces.

22. Turnip Rose Promenade Gardens

Location: Costa Mesa, California

Gardens, whether public or private, offer a beautiful backdrop for spring and summer post-wedding brunches. The Turnip Rose Promenade Gardens include a classic California indoor/outdoor vibe with a banquet hall that flows into a patio plus vast park grounds surrounding it. To make the most of this and other similar venues, inquire about furniture rentals or public picnic tables ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about seating at your event.

23. Royce Brook Golf Club

Location: Hillsborough Township, New Jersey

Golf clubs are another great venue type for after-wedding brunches. They’re beautiful, spacious, and include high-quality restaurants on site. The Royce Brook Golf Club has great views, a Koi pond, and an outdoor patio too.

24. Malibu West Beach Club

Location: Malibu, California

Beachside omelets and greek yogurt parfaits on a wood deck overlooking the waves? Yes, please! Beach venues like the Malibu West Beach Club are a relaxing setting after the chaos of your wedding day. This venue offers indoor seating, too, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows so you can still enjoy the view. If you plan to host your brunch at a beach but don’t want to get too chilly, try a public beach that has fire pits so everyone stays toasty.

25. Gardener Ranch

Location: Carmel Valley, California

We love farms and ranches for after-wedding brunch venues. Many offer farm-to-table ingredients, stunning forest views, and even some animal encounters. Who wouldn’t want to pet a fluffy cow at their brunch?! We especially love how Gardener Ranch has set up their outdoor event space. The high wood beams covered in florals with boho rattan hanging lanterns are to die for.

FAQs about after-wedding brunches:

Is an after-wedding brunch necessary?

While post-wedding brunches aren’t necessary for every celebration, they are a fun and relaxed way to spend time with loved ones as the wedding festivities slowly come to a close.

What time should the after-wedding brunch be?

It should begin sometime between 11 am and 1 pm. Plan to spend at least two hours at the event and consider allowing guests to come and go as they need to within that time frame.

Who pays for the post-wedding brunch?

Sometimes after-wedding brunches serve leftovers from the wedding or are included as part of a wedding venue’s package, but if you’re serving food specifically for this event, then usually one set of the couple’s parents or the newlyweds themselves pay for it.

Put these after-wedding brunch ideas to use!

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