Favors are not a necessity. Place cards aren’t either. You don’t need to order extra mints or M&M’s with your names printed on them. Those little odds and ends that eventually get thrown away really aren’t essential. But when it comes to true thank you’s, those are absolutely a must.

Your bridesmaids have carved out time, spent money, and prepped for this big day alongside of you. Gifting them with something special is a sweet way to show your appreciation to them, for their commitment to this time in your life, and your relationship. But so long are the days of random knick-knacks. Functional, stylish pieces with handmade touches are the new it-gifts for your gals. Here are some gorgeous handmade bridesmaids gifts that we’re loving and think you will too.

10 Gorgeous Handmade Bridesmaids Gifts

Dainty Gold Hammered Threader Earrings from Mon Divine

Dainty Gold Hammered Threader Earrings

Charming, dainty, and sweet, these gold hammered threader earrings are right on trend. They can be used to top off the day of ensemble or as a new piece to their everyday collection – which they can wear for days, months, and years to come. They’re just $25 for a pair and made with 18k gold-filled brass.

Hand Printed Scarves from Morris and Essex

Hand Printed Scarves

A beautiful, hand printed scarf may be a wonderful addition to a thank you gift bag or just left on its own in a wrapped box for your ladies. This particular creation is made with an eco-friendly bamboo cotton blend. It’s incredibly soft and comes in a stunning aqua-green shade. And this particular pattern is original to this shop!

Personalized Straw Bags from Marrakechsouk Artisan

Personalized Straw Bags

We’re absolutely swooning for these charming, personalized straw bags. They’d be great to use on your beach weekend with the ladies but also as the foundation for a larger gift as well. Each bag is around $10 and you can get them customized in a variety of colors. They’ve also been handwoven with palm leafs.

Eco-Friendly Lipsticks from Lips Carpenter

Eco-Friendly Lipsticks

Grab the straw bags above and then snag a shade of these natural lipsticks for your ladies to go inside. They’re organice, eco-friendly, come in a variety of versatile shades, and come in gorgeous paper tubes. Honestly, they’re practically tiny, usable pieces of art. Made with some of the best ingredients including coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, beeswax, vitamin E, essential oil and cocoa butter, these lipsticks will moisturize and enhance an everyday look with ease.

Real Flower Pressed Resin Rings from Pressed Petals Co.

Real Flower Pressed Resin Rings

Here’s another functional piece of art that you can wear and it comes in the form of this stunning, pressed flower resin ring. Prices start at $10 and you can customize with gold, silver, or even copper flakes for an added bit of pizazz. Tiny baby’s breath can be found at the center of this design which is perfect in its representation of everlasting love.

Wooden Watches With Engraving from Watches by Lux

Wooden Watches With Engraving

Wooden watches can come in some of the most beautiful designs and Watches by Lux make no exception. We’re loving this black wood paired with the modern, marble face. This gift may be a little more expensive but if you have the budget to spare, they’re absolutely worth the splurge. Know that you can customize the band to fit your bestie’s personalities and add engraving.

Tiny Sparkling Zirconia Gold Heart Necklace from Milly Street

Tiny Sparkling Zirconia Gold Heart Necklace

Here’s another delicate treat that your ladies may love and be able to dawn on the big day. These tiny, sparkling zirconia gold heart necklaces are just too sweet. They price at just below $20, come in gold or silver plating, and are completely handmade.

Large Rose Quartz Air Planter from Rocknair

Large Rose Quartz Air Planter

Here’s an exceptionally innovative and on trend gift idea. These large, rose quartz plant holders are so memorable, they have staying power, and each quartz comes with its own unique qualities. Your plant will sit on the wire and can be taken out to be watered and if in need of replacing, you simply remove the plant and attach a new one.

Personalized Laptop Backpack from Echo Leather Shop

Personalized Laptop Backpack

Another trendy and lux gift would be one of these personalized laptop bags. We love its style and it can really be functional and usable for your ladies – whether in grad school or for work! Choose white or orange colors and incorporate a monogram/name option as well. The bag itself is made of cotton canvas with full grain leather detail.

Pink, Cream, & Gold Leaf Initial Keyrings from Shiny Bright Designs

Pink, Cream, & Gold Leaf Initial Keyrings

And finally, no matter what gift you decide to go with, you can add one of these pretty keychains to the bag as well. These pink and cream resin initials are so charming and affordable. They cost a bit under $13 each and they’re made with real pink and cream rose petals. There’s also flakes of gold leaf for an extra pop of personality and glamour.


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