A bride holding a large bouquet of greenery and white and black flowers.

Floral bouquets are a trademark of a bride’s look on her wedding day. And while you probably have a general idea of what a bouquet looks like traditionally, these too change over time and are affected by the trends of the wedding industry. 2020 brings with it unique bridal bouquet trends that are worth exploring as you plan the flowers for your big day.

1. Something Blue

A bride holding a large bouquet with blue flowers and greenery.

It’s traditional to incorporate something blue into your wedding day look, but you may not be thinking to do so in the form of your bridal bouquet. However, this is a flower trend for the year. Adding elements such as dried grasses or ripe berries can add blue hues in an artful way to a bouquet. Striped feathers are a boho way to achieve the same goal. Pair these elements with classic white flowers for something more subdued, or go bold by combining blue touches with a bright color like red or orange. Either way, you’ll be in on this trend!

2. Sun Palms

Perfect for a boho-inspired or outdoor wedding, sun palms are becoming increasingly popular in bridal bouquets. These statement florals come in virtually every color, making them easy to incorporate into almost any color scheme. These are a great way to add some life to any bouquet.

3. Minimalist Bouquets

A bride holding a simple white bouquet.

While intricate and exuberant bouquets are also popular, minimalist bouquets with one type of flower are a 2020 trend. Consider clean and crisp roses in one hue, such as white, to fit the bill. This is a perfect addition to the look of a simple, elegant, and understated bride.

4. Dried Flowers

Perfect for vintage or rustic themed weddings, dried flowers are popping up in all kinds of bridal bouquets. Elements such as baby’s breath, lavender, and daisies are great options for dried florals that can be easily and artfully incorporated into a bouquet. Another great thing about this trend is that you can keep these dried elements as a keepsake after the big day.

5. Neutral Color Palette

A bride holding a bouquet of greenery and neural colored flowers.

Many brides are opting for a muted color scheme for their bouquet (and remainder of their wedding flowers, in fact) in place of a bright and vibrant palette. These colors make for an elegant and understated look that is surely a beautiful complement to virtually any bridal look.

6. Bleached Greenery

While an abundance of greenery has been a bouquet trend for a while, we’re seeing a new innovation as far as bouquet greenery is concerned. Many brides are having their green touches bleached white to create a washed out look. This can go with pretty much any bridal vibe, from dreamy and romantic to boho and chic. While lots of different types of greenery can be bleached, Italian ruscus is one of the most popular choices florists go to for doing this.

7. Cascading Florals

A bride sitting on a bench and holding a white cascading bouquet with greenery.

Dramatic, oversized bouquets with flowers that seem to be falling towards the ground are a trend to balance out the minimalist movement. These have quite a “wow” factor and frequently include a selection of beautiful flowers such as orchids, wildflowers, and dried foliage. Incorporating dried elements into these bouquets also checks off the sustainability box, which is another big trend to be aware of.

8. Paper Flowers

Going sustainable has never been more on-trend than it is now! With that, paper or “faux” flowers are a big trend as far as wedding bouquets go. These boast other upsides, too, such as being more economically friendly and something that will last forever.

9. Textural Greenery

A bride holding a bouquet of greenery.

Bouquets that are filled with lush greenery and different textures are another large trend for 2020. These can fit almost any wedding theme and can be stunning against a stark white dress. These bouquets can incorporate almost any type of greenery, from moss to succulents to palm leaves.

Whether or not you incorporate any of these 2020 bridal bouquet trends into your bouquet, picking out the flowers you’ll carry down the aisle is an exciting and fun part of the wedding planning process. Let these ideas get you started!


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