As of last year already, the minimalist wedding trend is on the rise! Not to be confused with the micro-wedding – which is a small wedding with less than 50 people – the minimalist wedding is more of a style choice, and can be summed up in one word: intention.

Minimalist weddings take a no-frills approach to planning, creating a sleek and streamlined event that keeps the focus where it should be: on the happy couple. So today we’ll explore some creative minimalist wedding ideas to inspire your planning if you decide to hop on the trend.

Discover 23 of the best minimalist wedding ideas for a stylish wedding:

Every element of your wedding can be addressed with a minimalist mindset. From wedding invitations through to your bridal party attire, here’s a quick guide.

Check out minimalist wedding invitations ideas

There are many aspects to a wedding but the first glimpse your guests get at your wedding style is the invitation. Use your invites to showcase your minimalist style, by keeping them elegant with the tips below.

1. Use clean color schemes dominated by neutrals such as sand.

Use neutral colors such as white, sand, taupe, and rose that offset the natural ones within your wedding. Neutral doesn’t mean bland, instead it ensures that the focus is kept on the parts of the invitation you want people to be drawn to. A few other options include:

  • A soft sandy base, with pops of natural tones.

  • A bright white with a pop of one accent color such as a stunning red or deep green.

  • Natural wood and metallic textures, with a touch of green.

  • Use a cool concrete shade contrasted with gold for something a little more modern.

Check out some color schemes here to elevate your wedding invitations.

2. Create a minimalist invite design by maximizing the negative space.

Minimalist design tends to be, well minimal, but that doesn’t mean boring. Some couples use just one engagement photo surrounded by lots of white space, while others use sans-serif fonts. Here are a few ideas:

  • Deliberately use blank space for the majority of your invite.

  • Include a simple black-and-white line drawing.

  • Combine minimal typography with light blush card stock.

  • Make the couples names the biggest focus, with text about 80% smaller conveying the other critical details.

  • Make the date the centerpiece.

3. Make your own wedding invitations with a hole-punch!

Create your own DIY wedding invitations so you can truly infuse them with your own style. Use your stationary samples to play with paper types, weights, and textures. Here are a few DIY tips:

  • Create a monogram with a wildflower background.

  • Get a stamp made with an image that’s personal to you on it, and stamp your design.

  • Make holes as a pattern on the cards with a hole-punch.

  • Use black serif typography on white card stock.

  • Use a beautiful watercolor wash.

Get inspired by more ideas on Etsy.

4. Use minimalist textures such a snakeskin print.

Beyond the visual imagery there are other senses invitations can engage, one of which is touch. Wedding invitations have come a long way and there are many options you can utilize to engage that sense:

  • If your wedding is in a more urban setting, you can utilize metallic stylized writing and paper with sharper edges.

  • For a wedding with a more natural theme, silkier textured paper and calligraphy could be a great touch.

  • Or try snakeskin print and leather texture for more modern impact.

5. Go digital with your invitations.

Another great option for the minimalist wedding is going digital, forgoing traditional mailed invitations and opting for email instead. Digital invites help you track your RSVPs and headcount more quickly, and minimize the environmental impact of your invites. There are many great reasons for going digital, but as with everything there are trade-offs:

  • Save money that you would spend on paper and printing

  • It can be easier to track online RSVPs rather than manually tracking physical RSVP cards

  • If your online RSVP form has required fields, guests are less likely to exclude essential information

  • It is less likely for online RSVPs to get lost than RSVP cards

After you have your wedding invitations settled, turn your energy to your stunning cake.

Select a minimalist cake

Personalize your wedding cake in the minimalist style by keeping it simple and sleek. For example pick a gold-coated cake, an all white cake using cream cheese icing with just one topper, or a naked cake. Here are a few more ideas for simple wedding cakes.

6. Choose a cake design with just one layer.

Simplify your cake by keeping it to just one layer. Or for a little more extravagance, opt for geometric shapes. Use existing accents from your wedding such as florals or edible writing that matches your invitations to elevate the cake.

7. Use just one color but pick a cake texture.

Textured cake can really bring beauty in its simplicity. Some couples opt for simple and straight forward fondant icing, while others forego icing altogether and allow guests to see the cake itself. Still others opt for a simple exterior with natural elements added on.

8. Forego cake for a different dessert such as donuts.

There are tons of options utilizing for dessert that will appeal to your guests and stay within a minimalist style. For example truffles, macarons, black-and-white cookies, and cupcakes are all just as delicious as a cake, and even easier to manage.

Once you’ve picked the perfect cake, get a few ideas for the best dress for your big day.

Oh yes, even the dress can be minimalist!

Your wedding outfit is one of the most important elements of your wedding. Say goodbye to elaborate crystal and lace adornments, and say I do to slip dresses and sleek ball gowns.

9. Select a wedding dress design with the ease of a relaxed silhouette.

Pull a Meghan Markle and opt for a simple gown. From mermaid cut to ball gowns there are plenty of options including:

  • A timeliness, high-neck dress

  • A silk-satin slip dress

  • An elegant off-the-shoulder number

  • A subtle neckline and plunging v-back

  • A simple column dress

  • A wrap dress

10. Pick a simple wedding dress color such as lilac.

Being a minimalist does not mean you have to stick to the traditions. If you are a non-traditional bride who prefers a non-white wedding dress, explore ivory, pinks, yellows, lilacs, and blues. Check out these 15 simple colored dresses for more inspiration.

11. Choose just one dress adornment.

When it comes to minimalist wedding dress adornments, opt for the “new clean look.” Select one adornment to add variety to your look. For example a lace bodice with a chiffon skirt can accentuate your curves while keeping lines straight and clean.

Now that you know the bride will look stunning, consider what flowers to use to wow your guests.

Minimalist florals

Flowers are a staple at any wedding. Keeping the floral designs simple and clean is the name of the game at the minimalist event, and there are many ways to make that happen.

12. Select just one color of flower.

One of the most efficient ways to keep your minimalist style with your florals is to have one type of flower in one color and accentuate it throughout the wedding. For example, if you love blue orchids, use those exclusively. Many minimalist brides go with neutral colored flowers to enhance space or green garlands.

13. Play with balance in your floral centerpieces.

The centerpieces of the minimalist wedding tend to be simple and straightforward. Consisting on one type of flower and accenting greenery, these focal points are quite tasteful. From dainty greens to floral garlands, here are a few simple and chic flower ideas:

  • Opt for Ikebana-Inspired with an emphasis on balance and imbalance

  • Use a single white floral such as a carnation or peony

  • Create very small floral arrangements accentuated by very dark colors

14. Consider silk flowers.

While cut flowers have their own charm, silk flowers last infinitely longer and have the distinct advantage of all being the same color with no natural variations. Another advantage of silk wedding flowers is they can be repurposed after the wedding for other events without having to pay for more.

15. Forego flowers for natural greenery.

As with all other aspects of the minimalist wedding, you can opt entirely out of flowers if you wish. Florals are not a requirement to get married and some brides decide to have greenery adorning their big day instead of flowers. There are many ways to incorporate greenery into your day.

Now that your flowers are all settled, consider how to make your bridal party one of a kind.

Have a minimalist bridal party

Your bridal party is a hugely important piece of your wedding. For the minimalist couple there are plenty of fun ways to get style your bridal party and make your day all the more special.

16. Limit the number of people in the bridal party.

Keeping it simple can sometimes mean paring down the number of people in the bridal party. You want your closest friends there with you, and cutting back on numbers can really help you focus on what really matters. Consider each just selecting one person (or pet!) to accompany you.

17. Opt for minimalist bridesmaid attire such as single-shoulder dresses.

There are tons of options for beautiful bridesmaid dresses that will look fantastic. You can play with textures, colors and styles such as shoulder ruching, spaghetti strap dresses and one-shoulder dresses – while keeping the focus on you.

18. Simplify gifts for the bridal party with digital goods.

Bridal party gifts don’t have to be extravagant to be heartfelt and meaningful. Keep things simple by giving everyone the same thing such as a framed photo of you with them, or shirts with the same personalized design. Or keep things even simpler with digital gifts such as Netflix or Spotify subscriptions.

Now that your bridal party has been suitable simplified, check out the perfect wedding venue to bring your vision to life.

Explore magical minimalist wedding venue ideas

When planning a minimalist wedding you will want your venue to have plenty of open space, so many brides opt for outdoor venues, and rustic venues. Here are a few wedding venues that are particularly well suited for this style choice.

19. The Mountain Terrace

Location: Woodside, CA

The Mountain Terrace is nestled away behind a stunning tree-lined, winding road. This venue comes complete with a sunny meadow and surrounding redwoods, as well as the stunning view of the bay. Inside you’ll discover an antique, solid oak bar and dining room with exposed beams and stone-crafted fireplace.

20. The Magnolia

Location: Pigeon Forge, TN

The Magnolia is nestled high atop the Pigeon Forge Parkway with unobstructed views of the Smokey Mountains, offering unrivaled scenery. Your guest will enjoy the views at this outdoor, but private space.

21. The Stockroom at 230

Location: Raleigh, NC

The Stockroom at 230 features floor to ceiling exposed brick walls and large pan glass windows. The open space design with lovely hardwood floors throughout accommodates your closest family and friends.

22. Epic Yoga DC

Location: Washington, D.C.

Located within a historical building, in the heart of Dupont Circle, Epic Studio DC is a pleasant blend of old and new. The studio features hard wood floors, exposed brick walls, skylights, and high ceilings. The contemporary, sleek feel of the space collides with the raw brick interior, creating a truly unique atmosphere for your celebration.

23. Enterprise Mill Events

Location: Augusta, GA

Artfully combining timeless romance with historic rawness, Enterprise Mill Events provides a unique locale for a wedding day. Exchange vows beneath the shade of a whimsical gazebo in the courtyard or host a jubilant reception in one of the Mill’s beautiful spaces, dining and dancing the night away surrounded by warm exposed brick walls, large wooden tables, and designer lighting.

Put these minimalist wedding ideas into practice for a stunning day

The minimalist wedding, while simplified, is still varied, giving couples a lot of leeway while deciding what elements to incorporate. Just remember to keep the focus on you and your spouse to make each moment memorable.

Up next, check out awesome wedding entertainment ideas.


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