The COVID-19 pandemic might have resulted in quarantine, but it hasn’t stopped life altogether. Very few couples have canceled their engagement plans due to the lockdown.

Of course, some options are off the table, but there are still plenty of ways to propose. You can’t pop the question on a cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean. A concert proposal is also impossible, so too the kiss cam proposal during an NBA game.

Apart from that, a quarantine proposal isn’t that different from a traditional one. Here are the top ten tips for doing it the right way.

Keep in mind that we have our famous list of 67 marriage proposal ideas. Some of them won’t be quarantine-friendly but many of them will be fine.

  1. Make Sure That You Both Want It
  2. Talk to her Family
  3. Make It a Surprise
  4. Plan What You Will Wear
  5. Know What Kind of Ring She Wants
  6. Find the Ring Online
  7. Write Down Your Speech
  8. Timing Is Crucial
  9. Set the Situation
  10. Virtual Guests

1. Make Sure That You Both Want It


Marriage isn’t a vacation; it’s supposed to last forever. So, you and your future spouse should be certain that you both want the same thing. There’s no point in planning a proposal if you’re not sure what answer you’ll get.

To avoid any uncertainty, you should initiate a talk about marriage. Pick a situation where you’re both relaxed and in a good mood. You can start by saying that you’d like to get married one day. If one of your friends got engaged or married, you could start with that, as well.

If she’s hesitant or uncertain about how she feels about marriage, you might want to cancel your plans for now. On the other hand, if she wants to get married in the future, then you can start planning your quarantine proposal.

2. Talk to her Family

Asking her father permission

If your future spouse is on the traditional side, it would be a good idea to talk to her parents before you pop the question. Asking for her hand in marriage first will signal that you’re serious about it, as well as considerate.

Also, if you think that your future in-laws expect you to talk to them first, you should do it. Your future wife might see it as unnecessary but do it anyway. That way, you’ll show her parents that they matter, too. They’ll become your family, as well. So, it’s essential to show the will to build a harmonious relationship.

In case the future bride doesn’t have parents, you can always talk to one of her relatives. Choose someone that she views as a parent figure. It might be a step-parent, an uncle, or a grandparent that raised your future bride.

And if you’re unsure what to do, err on the side of caution. Then you won’t hurt anybody’s feelings.

You can start the talk with your future spouse present, or you can do it alone. Here, you should let your partner’s preferences guide you. If she would like to be present during the talk, make sure you do so. After all, respecting each other’s wishes and preferences is one of the pillars of a healthy marriage.

Here are tips on how to ask her father for permission to propose.

3. Make It a Surprise

Surprise Proposal

It’s essential to talk to your future spouse about your intentions. Otherwise, you risk getting a no. Potentially, that might put a significant strain on your relationship or even bring it to an end.

Therefore, your future wife should know that you’re planning to propose. However, the time and place should remain a mystery. A little bit of secrecy, in this case, is a good thing, as the surprise factor will make the occasion even more special.

If you’re afraid that you might spill the beans, you can ease the pressure by talking to a family member or a friend. They can keep your secret and provide emotional support if need be. What’s more, they can also help you with preparations if you can’t do it all on your own.

On the other hand, if someone might potentially spoil the surprise, make sure that they don’t find out about your plan. Friends and relatives with loose lips shouldn’t be in the loop.

4. Plan What You Will Wear

Clothes to wear during proposal

Yes, we’re currently in quarantine, and everyone’s wearing their favorite baggy pants and flannel shirts. Some don’t even bother getting out of their jammies on some days.

But the proposal day isn’t just another day in lockdown. It’s a day you and your future spouse will remember for the rest of your lives. Therefore, you should carefully choose what you’ll wear.

Your best bet is to suit up. So, bring out your best suit and tie and polish your finest pair of shoes. That said, be careful with the preparations because you don’t want to rouse any suspicion. To be on the safe side, create some sort of a distraction if you’re going for a complete surprise.

If she knows that you’ll have a romantic dinner, you won’t have to hide. That way, she too can dress up and look her best when you propose.

Of course, a suit and a tie isn’t everyone’s style. You might be more of jeans and a shirt person. Nonetheless, pick out your best pair of jeans and an elegant shirt. She’ll appreciate it.

Finally, if you don’t have anything in your closet that you think will fit the occasion, you can order your outfit online.

5. Know What Kind of Ring She Wants

Engagement Ring with Milgrain
One of the engagement rings from the Estate Diamond Jewelry Collection

The ring should be the centerpiece of your proposal plans. The right one can secure you a positive answer, but the wrong one can ruin everything. So, be very careful here.

How do you find out what type of ring she wants? Your best bet is to start paying attention when she talks about rings and jewelry in general. That way, you’ll get a sense of what she likes and dislikes. If some of your or her friends got engaged recently, listen to what she says about the ring. The same applies if you’re watching a marriage-themed reality TV show.

Along with your ears, use your eyes. Pay attention to what kind of jewelry, especially rings, your significant other likes to wear. That should give you a pretty good idea. You might also want to take a look at her jewelry box. However, be careful not to get caught.

Finally, if you can’t figure it out on your own, enlist her friends and relatives. Talk to someone who knows her taste in jewelry well. Her best friend and sister, if she has one, would be your best bets.

Keep in mind, however, to pick someone you can trust. If the person you consult can’t keep a secret, they might ruin your surprise.

6. Find the Ring Online

Shopping for engagement ring online

Buying the ring in a store might be out of the question during the quarantine. If you’re reluctant to go out, it’s perfectly understandable. Also, it might even be risky, especially if you already have compromised health. We’re in a pandemic, and you don’t know if the person in the store has the virus or not.

That said, you can always find the ring online.

Open your browser and start the search. Hopefully, you already know what she likes and dislikes. Use that info to narrow down your search. However, you should check as many rings that fit the parameters as you can. After all, you want to get something you know she’ll love.

If she wants a diamond, go for a diamond ring. If she has a particular preference for another precious stone, focus on that. Narrow your list down to a handful of candidates before you decide. You don’t have to rush it. Take your time and be sure you’ve picked the right one.

It’s also essential to consider your budget. Don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t spend as much money as you could before the crisis. Many options are available at various price points, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding the right one.

Finally, the ring will arrive via mail or delivery service. Make sure that you open the door instead of your significant other. Be home the day that the ring comes. If you can, track the delivery and be ready when the doorbell sounds.

7. Write Down Your Speech

Writing Proposal Speech

The proposal is one of the most memorable events in life. Your future spouse will remember it for the rest of her life, and so will you. Therefore, you might want to make it even more special. How to make your quarantine proposal worthy of telling about it to your kids and grandkids? You can prepare a speech.

Now, it doesn’t have to be a long speech; you don’t have to go full Winston Churchill. However, it should be a memorable one. Think carefully about what you would like to say to your future bride before you ask her the question.

It would be wise to write down some notes. There’s no harm in that, and they might prove immensely helpful. You might get too nervous and forget your lines, which is understandable. After all, you’re getting engaged, as well. If you have problems concentrating or if you fear that you might freeze, you can write the entire speech down.

So, what should the speech be about?

Think about the time you met and what made you fall in love with her. Also, make sure to tell her what kept the fire burning through the months and years. And don’t forget to include the reasons why you want to marry her.

That said, the critical point is to be sincere. You can polish your language a little bit, but make sure that the speech is authentic and that it’s coming from the heart. Not even the most beautiful love poems can sound romantic if there’s no genuine emotion behind them.

8. Timing Is Crucial

Giving the engagement ring

As the time of the proposal is coming closer, you might start feeling nervous. It’s entirely normal; everyone’s nervous when planning such a big thing. If your beloved one knows that you’re going to propose soon, she might be anxious, as well.

If you’re not careful, the anxiety might get the better of you, and you could pop the question in an inappropriate situation. The wrong setup might ruin the moment, and she might say no. A negative answer might hurt your relationship or even end it. Therefore, timing is crucial.

What situations to avoid?

Being in quarantine is stressful enough on its own. So, if your future spouse is going through a rough patch, it might be best to wait until she feels better. The same goes if you’re under a lot of stress. Good things rarely happen under immense pressure.

Also, if you’ve had a big fight recently, you might want to wait for things to calm down. A proposal, while you’re on bad terms, might be unsuccessful. Also, she might think that you’re trying to fix things with a ring.

Finally, the lockdown might make her too depressed. If that’s the case, you might want to wait for the entire situation to pass. Have the goal in mind and hide the ring if you bought it.

So, what to do?

Plan your proposal carefully. But we’ll cover that in more detail later.

9. Set the Situation

Setting Date Night

Once everything falls into place, you can start planning the actual event. You should try to make it romantic and unique because you want to give her something to remember. So, how do you do it? It’s quarantine, and options are somewhat limited.

First, you should stay true to yourself. If grand gestures aren’t your thing, you should avoid them. But if you love big displays of affection and she’s OK with them, go all out. If you have different definitions of romantic, try and plan something that will be in the middle of the road.

Here are some ideas

1. An Intimate Dinner for Two

This setup almost always works like a charm. You can prepare her favorite meal if you can cook and get a bottle of quality wine. Candles are also a good idea to make the atmosphere even more romantic. To complete the picture, you should play some smooth music. Expert tip: go for some of her favorite love songs.

If you can’t cook, you can still have an intimate dinner for two. For example, you can order food from her favorite place in town. Dress appropriately, and don’t forget the music. Also, candles and wine go well with takeout food, too.

You can get down on one knee during the dinner, or you can do it after. Gauge the situation and pop the box when you think the time is right.

However, if cooking and romantic dinners aren’t your thing, you might want to try something else.

2. Sunset Proposal

outdoor sunset proposal with masks

If your significant other had always dreamed of a sunset proposal, she might still get it. Even though we’re in quarantine, you can give her just that if you can see the sunset from your terrace or window.

Of course, if you live near a beach, even better. In that case, you can make it even more authentic.

What do you need for a sunset proposal? You need clear skies, one setting sun, one ring, and one future bride. If you have everything on the list, you’re ready to pop the question. You might also want to include some soft music, a bottle of wine, and some chocolates.

In case you’re going through a rainy period, you can postpone the proposal for a few days.

3. An Engagement Ring for Birthday

Lighting Birthday Cake Proposal

A birthday is one of the best occasions to propose. She’ll be in a good mood, dressed up, and ready for nice things to happen. So, if your loved one’s birthday is coming soon, you might want to propose then. That way, you can make it even more special and memorable.

You can have a birthday party for two, or you can make a romantic birthday getaway. The choice is up to you. Go for the getaway option if you have a beach house or a cabin somewhere.

Buy her a regular birthday present if you want to keep it a secret until the very end. You can pack the ring with the gift, or you can propose after giving her the present.

4. A Random Moment

Proposal Couple Dancing

Some brides dream of a proposal that “just happens.” If your future bride is a spontaneous type, this might be the best approach. This type of proposal requires the least amount of planning and organization of all four.

That said, you’ll need to be quick on your feet. If the right moment happens and you miss it, you might have to wait for days.

In case your future spouse also has a great sense of humor, you might get away with some romantic silliness. However, don’t overdo it.

10. Virtual Guests

Zoom Marriage Proposal

The fact that you’re getting engaged during quarantine doesn’t mean that you have to be alone while proposing. You can still invite your families and friends if you want to.

Thanks to modern technology, you can have virtual guests. For example, you can make a conference video call on Zoom and include all the relevant people.

You can tell your guests that you’ll propose in advance. Also, you can keep them in the dark. The choice is yours.

Bend the Knee

Proposal on one knee

Just because we’re in quarantine, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t propose. If you’re with someone you’d like to spend your life with, get down on one knee and pop the ring.

Follow the tips in this article to make sure you do it right. It’s quarantine time, but the romance should still be there.


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