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Are you planning a wedding at home? As social distancing draws on, weddings continue to evolve and the thought of an intimate, relaxed at-home wedding might just start to sound pretty great. We’ve seen couples arrange small ceremonies at home with a small guest list either in place of or in anticipation of a bigger wedding. And whether a placeholder before the party or your real-deal, you’ll still need to get the house ready for the day.

We suggest utilizing the whole home and starting early — at least a week before. Order any supplies you need. Call on friends for help. And yes, you can still hire a planner! You’ll be happy you did.

{photo: Ashley Caroline Photography from this Minimalist Wedding Inspiration at a Catskills Mountain Home}

For when you’re just ready to do the dang thing, here’s how to get your house ready + decorate for a wedding at home:

1. Create Ambiance in the Entire House

boho loungephoto: Briana Nolan from this Flower Filled Galentine’s Day Party


The week before the wedding, fill the house with lights + decor to create an ambiance for the big day. Pick up some flameless tealights and LED string lights and try to avoid overhead lighting that can wash you out. Make sure the designated getting-ready room has ample lighting for hair and makeup — natural light is preferred and LED vanity lights are a great addition. Set out vases to prep for a fresh bunch of flowers in each room! And finally, pick up some diffusers and essential oils to fill the house with calming smells like lavender and bergamot.

1. Flameless White Tea Lights, Set of 6 $12.95 // 2. Fresh Olive Branch Bunch $68 // 3. LED String Lights, Sphere $40 // 4. LED Vanity Mirror Lights $18.88 // 5. Fresh Peony Bunch $98 // 6. Brass Fireplace Candelabra $79.95 // 7. Constellation Porcelain Hurricanes $8-$60 // 8. Fresh King Protea Bunch $78 // 9. Ceramic Color-Changing Oil Diffuser $27.99

3. Decorate the Ceremony Space

Festival Inspired Australia Weddingphoto: Lilly Red from this Wholesome Bohemian Wedding


For the ceremony, have a look around the property to see if there are any stand-out areas that might be a good focal point. A beautiful tree, open space with a view, an interesting piece of architecture, or a meaningful spot would all be a good place to start. From there, think about building from a simple arch that you (and/or your designer + florist) can embellish. You can find these easily on Etsy! Depending on the number of guests, you could rent chairs or create social-distance vignettes for seating. And you can never go wrong with an aisle runner of layered rugs combined with potted pants —real or faux would work!

1. Rustic Birch Wedding Arch $85.99+ // 2. Macrame Wedding Backdrop $375 // 3. Copper Backdrop Stand $170.99+ // 4. Drew Printed Rug $99+ // 5. Sofia Printed Rug $59 – $159 // 6. Floral Persian Tassel Rug $52+ // 7. Artificial Areca Palm Tree $35 // 8. Fake Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree $48 // 9. Faux Potted Cactus $240 (sale!)

4. Decorations for the Property and Reception

neon wedding signphoto: Mari Sabra Photography from this Backyard Marsh Wedding


Reception or party decor depends highly on your space, but you can’t go wrong with great signage, lighting, and personalized details. There are several artists who will personalize signage on Etsy, in addition to creative cake stands and downloadable (personalized!) art prints. Here are a few of our favorite finds to get you started down the rabbit hole:

1. Printable Modern Wedding Welcome Sign $12.99 // 2. Globe String Lights $34.95 // 3. Antiqued Brass Candlestick $20+ // 4. Custom Neon Sign $145+ // 5. Wooden Clipboard with Brass Hardware $21.75+ // 6. Cake Arch $106 // 7. Couple Art Print $9.98

4. Hire a Cleanup Crew

60's Rock Inspired Elopementphoto: Andrielle Photography from this 60s-Inspired Rock ‘N’ Roll Elopement

And one more thing — before you even consider how to decorate for a small wedding at home, it’s important to get the house ready! That’s one thing that shouldn’t be on your shoulders. Hiring a cleaning company to deep clean the house before the wedding, as well as a crew to be on duty during and after, will let you focus on the day.


There are also a lot of logistics to consider when you’re planning a wedding at home like generating power, communicating with neighbors, and ensuring there are proper facilities. Reference this helpful post for how-to’s:

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