So, you have to deliver a wedding speech do ya? Are you worried? Are you stressed? Are you nervous? Well, as long as you make sure to never make the mistakes we have outlined below, we are sure you will do just fine. And if you have some extra anxiety, why not check out this guide to wedding speeches to ensure that you give a great one?

It is important to practice ahead of time and imperative that you write out all your essential talking points before the big day arrives as well. That will save you from succumbing to nerves, forgetting important details, and hitting any tumultuous snafus. Here are 8 wedding speech mistakes you should NEVER make:

Man giving a toast to wedding guests


Never Bring Up The Ex’s

This seems obvious but it has become an unfortunate, frequent gaffe that we see happen all of the time. You may have some of the best stories. You may know all the juicy details. And you may tell those memories in the most entertaining ways that will ignite the room into laughter, but, please, just don’t do it.

Stay far away from mentioning ex-girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, or any other ex-lovers, in general. It doesn’t bode well with the brides and grooms, and it isn’t the best reflection of you either. This could potentially be very unsettling and embarrassing, which are two feelings no one deserves to feel on their wedding day.

No Open Bar

Be smart and stay away from the open bar before you give your speech. Slurred words and sloppy jaunts down memory lane will not be the way in which you want to wish the happy couple all the luck and love in their years to come. Decline the next glass of wine until you’re able to toast once your speech wraps up.

Shaming is a No-No

Bride and groom laughing


Some jokes here or there is a great way to personalize a speech. And so are relevant stories from the past. But, absolutely don’t embarrass the bride or groom. Shaming them for something that happened in middle school is not the way to highlight the best of the best on the biggest day of their lives.

Do not cross a line that humiliates anyone in the room. Shades of red don’t need to be seen…until the garter is retrieved, of course.

No Improv

Improving the speech seems like a fun, spontaneous idea but it could make for some awkward moments or less than memorable moments. Preparation is key. This decision can also have you fall into the dreaded, “uh” and “um,” trap. Don’t allow it to become so hard to focus that guests start counting how many times you say these filler “words.”

Monotone Is Also A No

Bring in some personality! Even if you’re nervous you can “fake it til you make it,” or at least practice enough that you’re not reading word for word off the paper taking away the personalized element of what the speech is supposed to be.

Look up from the paper. Lock eyes with some of the guests in the room – as well as the bride or groom. Have something to jog your memory in case your nerves hit, but make sure you don’t rely too heavily on them.

Keep It Clean

This is another reason you would be smart to hold off on the champagne until it’s time to toast. Four-letter words need to stay away from the microphone. “F” bombs are meant for the dance floor and they can easily add a tacky element to the party. Keep it timeless, keep it clean, and keep it classy.

It’s Not About You

No one likes someone who gloats, especially when the day is all about the newlyweds. Stray away from the “me’s” and the “I’s,” and focus on the happy couple instead. This isn’t the time or place to toot your own horn and boost your own ego.

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It sounds harsh, but you would be surprised how many times we’ve found ourselves listening to a speech that rerouted its way into the lands of stories about the best man or maid of honor. You can utilize personal stories and anecdotes – but may sure they mean something to the bride or groom!

Don’t Overdo It

Man giving speech at an outdoor wedding


Even the best public speakers need a cut-off time. And that goes double when it comes to reception toasts and speeches. We feel as though the perfect amount of love, laughter, and well wishes can be wrapped up within 5 minutes or less. Anything more and people may check out or their eyes may just start to glaze over.

Don’t forget there are others that may want to get up and say a few words. Hogging all of the airtime may just put a kink in the celebratory atmosphere.


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